Why should you visit the Capuchin Crypt?

The tomb, which is located under the church of the Holy Cross, is an unusual document of the history of the Capuchin Order. However, the tomb itself - as a place open to the public - has its rich history. Visitors have come here for more than 90 years.

To this day, the simple form in which the Capuchins accompanied their dead on their last journey continues to attract people. Fascinating is also the story of the famous commander of the Pandurs Baron Trenck, who at the end of his stormy and unbound life become penitent and wished to be buried as a poor capuchin on the bare ground.

The underground of the church also tells the story about the friendship between a community of brothers and people who helped them and who stayed with them even in death. And perhaps they learned during their life of "the art of good death", inspired by the paintings, which represents an exhibition of unique baroque frescoes Ars Moriendi.

In the Capuchin tomb, you will find yourself beyond time. Many things that we can lose and we consider important play no role here.

Map of the Capuchin Crypt

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