Dvorek 2017 6 150The Capuchin crypt in a new guise

On hot summer days it is nice to cool down ... at the same time, you can dive into the stories you find in the tomb.

We have another pleasant surprise for you. At the end of June, the reconstruction of the facade of the back of the church and the adjacent monastery buildings was completed, where the entrance to the Capuchin crypt is located. We also have restored frames of windows, bars, lamps and other metallic elements. It is beautiful here.

Dvorek 2017 6 485 1

Most people know our church primarily from the front, where the mosaic with Saint Francis is on the front. That's how it looks like its back, the part that has been repaired today (see below). The large window in the middle leads to the chorus where the brothers meet every day for prayer, and right below them is the old chapel with the coffin of the famous  mercenary commander Franz Trenck.

Dvorek 2017 6 485 2

And this is already the window into the chapel that was sanctified already in 1656. While the chapel together with the crypt brothers opened to the public around 1925, the backyard that is located behind the back of the church, people could not enter until 1998. Besides Trees and flowers is decorated with the fountain by the well-known academic sculptor Otmar Oliva.

Dvorek 2017 6 485 3

However, when you visit the crypt, you still come across the scaffolding. However, it is a protective scaffold that concerns a neighboring house. This building, which is called the Valentin Falkensteiner Endowment House, has a roof in a state of emergency and its construction has proved unstable. Definitely do not be confused by this scaffolding. Capuchin crypt is really open :-).

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[July 10, 2017]