Benefactors of the monastery

In the Capuchin tomb, were buried also those who in various ways contributed to the development and operation of the monastery; not only by monetary donations but also by necessary construction investments or paintings and reliquaries donating to the church. Around the community of the brothers were always people who helped selflessly and with whom they enjoyed a friendship. And so it is today.

The most famous benefactor is undoubtedly well-known mercenary Pandur commander František (Franz) Baron von Trenck († 1749).

Jiří Barnabáš Orelli († 1757), master chimney sweep was also an important figure for the Brno monastery. He was so-called parens spiritualis, a trustworthy man who helped the brothers solve mundane matters that related to the operation of the monastery. After his death is role was overtaken by his wife Victoria († 1769), who is also buried here in the crypt.

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Photo: Zuzana Píšková Hrivňáková

The Grimms, a famous family of builders and architects also inherently belong to the history of the monastery in Brno. They were united for the Capuchin community not only by their work but also by friendly relationships. Mořic Grimm († 1757) was a master mason of the Bavarian origin. Besides the construction activities of the Capuchins, he also worked for the Brno community of Friars Minor. Also, his son František Antonín Grimm († 1784), achieved great recognition in Moravia. His works include the construction of the chapel of Saint Felix in the Capuchin church and so-called Trenck wing with a splendid library.

Václav Michael Josef Earl of Vrbno and Freudenthal († 1755), chief judge of the Moravian Margrave and his wife Maria Eleonora († 1761) rest in the Capuchin tomb as well. Supporting the Capuchins was a part of their family tradition.

Among the other benefactors, we can mention Prosper Antonín Josef Quid Count of Sinzendorf († 1756), chief administrator of Moravian Margrave; Michael Heřman, Count of Althan († 1743), highest judge of the Moravian Margrave; or Marie Johanna Elisabeth Polyxena Countess of Waldorff († 1758) who was not only a generous benefactor of the Capuchins but also of Sisters of Saint Elisabeth whose monastery was founded in Brno in 1748.

You can find the whole list of benefactors including additional points of interest from their lives in the Capuchin crypt.