Pohrbivani 150Stories of the benefactors

Prosper Count of Sinzendorf, Tomáš Maxmilián Svoboda, Barnabáš Orelli ... they helped the Capuchin brothers in their lives, and after death they wanted to follow them to the last resting place.

For a long time we have searched for their stories and now you can delve into the lives of those people who lived in Brno and the surrounding estates in the 17th and 18th centuries. Through their stories, you will visit the largest printer in Moravia, the Veveří castle, Trpísty chateau and the monumental baroque chateau Vranov nad Dyjí.

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You will also learn how it was buried in the Baroque era. Did you know, for example, that the historic center of Brno is actually one big burial ground? But you can also find out what the people of that time, such as the local benefactor Marie Alžběta Countess of Waldorf, think about the death – how she wished to be buried and what was in her will.

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[July 10, 2017]