Benefactores of the Order

In the Capuchin crypt, benefactors and benefactresses were also buried – those who contributed in various ways to the development and functioning of the monastery; not only with monetary donations, but also with building investments or donations of paintings or reliquaries to the church. Around the community of brothers, there were always people who selflessly helped them and with whom they shared friendship. And so it is today.

Names of the deceased benefactors in the Lord buried in our crypt.
From the chronicle of the Brno Convent.

Noble and prudent Jakub Kuneš of Rosenthal, Brno councillor and our parens spiritualis, † November 5, 1658
Esteemed and noble Josef Kryštof Scharer of Chrüseneck, lord of Rosice † December 27, 1667
Martin Stiler, citizen of Brno, † April 7, 1677
Esteemed Madam Alžběta Eleonora Scharer of Chrüseneck, née countess Ursina Bleykey, † February 15, 1684
Esteemed and noble Franz Anton de Cattani, imperial councillor and bursar of Moravian Margrave, † November 3, 1688
Dear and excellent gentleman Jan Wilhelm Count of Sinzendorf, army general and commander at Špilberk castle, † October 16, 1695
Jan Erna, citizen of Brno, † February 19, 1698
Esteemed Leonard of Neuwirth and Eichenfels, our generous benefactor, † 1707
Dear and excellent gentleman Vaclav Earl of Sinzendorf and Thanhausen, imperial councillor, † October 1, 1715
Anna Ernová, † in January 1716
Dear and excellent Madam Marie Magdalena Isabella Countess of Sinzendorf, née countess of Althan, † December 14, 1719
Dear and noteworthy lord, baron de Sack, highest judge of Moravian Margrave and Privy Councillor of the Emperor, † November 30, 1725
Jan Jiří Schvartz, citizen of Brno, † April 21, 1735
Tomáš Magnus, our physician, † April 14, 1736
Jakub Maximilian Svoboda, typographer, citizen of Brno and our special benefactor, † September 16, 1736
Exceptional and remarkable gentleman, Count of Althan, lord of Goldburg, Privy Councillor and Chamberlain of the Emperor, highest judge of the Moravian Margrave and outstanding benefactor of our convent and the province, † November 4, 1736
Esteemed gentleman, Josef Kašpar Günter of Sternegg, knight of the Emperor, court pharmacist and our benefactor, † September 16, 1743
Marie Alžběta Orelli, our mater spiritualis, † March 5, 1744
František Taum Korb, worker in our laundry, † April 17, 1745
Voršila Grimmová, mother of two Capuchin Friars and our benefactor, † February 10, 1746
Esteemed Marie Barbora Lienhardtová, née Synapová of Senstenberg, † October 7, 1746
Venerable and mighty lord Tomáš Laštovka, dean of Uherské Hradiště, † January 30, 1747
The noblest gentleman Franz baron Trenck, famous and respected benefactor of ours who died at Špilberk and was buried in our church on October 4, 1749
Esteemed gentleman, Franz Philip baron of Philibert, general and military administrator of Moravia, † January 4, 1753
Noble gentleman Ignatz Orelli, † July 20, 1753
Esteemed gentleman, Baron Dolešanský of Malopolska, aged 99 years, † 1755
Esteemed and excellent gentleman, Earl of Vrbno and Freudenthal, Privy Councillor and chamberlain, highest judge of the Moravian Margrave, † July 20, 1755
Venerable and respected gentleman, Prosper Anton baron of Sinzendorf, current heir to a fortune, chief administrator of Moravian Margrave, Privy Councillor of the Emperor and our special patron, † 9 February 1756
Maurice Grimm, architect, our special benefactor, † June 17, 1757
Marie Anna Josefa Grimm, née Knurrová of Fulnek, † July 11, 1757
George Barnabas Orelli, master chimney sweep and a citizen of Brno, for 14 years parens spiritualis and our important benefactor, † October 12, 1757
Friar Anton Gširhakl, tertiaryτ from Jihlava, conscientious worker in our weaving mill, † February 2, 1758
Esteemed mistress, Countess of Waldorff, née Countess of Sinzendorf, † December 15, 1758
Catherine Zarer, widow, tertiaryτ of our Venerable Father František, special benefactor and a founder of the Chapel of Virgin Mary of Zellsky, † May 13, 1761
Esteemed mistress, Countess Eleonora Kottulinska, née Princess Mansfeld, widowed Vrbnová, transported from Vienna to Brno and buried next to her first honourable husband, † September 13, 1761
Karl Anton Brusgino, merchant and our generous benefactor, † June 15, 1763
Distinguished Marie Anna Pok, † November 25, 1764
Viktorie Orelli, for 12 years our mater spiritualis, † May 7, 1769
Martin Löw, merchant and citizen of Brno, died in our convent by stroke, † April 1, 1773
Johana Brusgin, our mater spiritualis, † June 12, 1773
Josepha Holtzer, merchant woman, † May 11, 1776
Distinguished gentleman Anton Junker, Legion Captain of (Earl) Harrach, † March 6, 1777
Venerable Father Metoděj, Piarist, died in our convent, † April 11, 1777
Ondřej Holtzer, merchant and citizen of Brno, † September 1777
Franz Anton Grimm, 74 years old, † 14 January 1784