The Capuchin Crypt will be closed for technical reasons on July 25, 2024. Thank you for your understanding.

Welcome to the Capuchin Crypt

The Capuchin crypt is part of still functional monastery of Capuchin order and is located beneath the Church of the Discovery of the Holy Cross. From 1656 to 1784, it was used for the burial of brothers and benefactors of the order. A clever ventilation system, which provided continuous airflow over the centuries, caused the natural mummification of the deceased's bodies. To this day, the simple form of Capuchin burial and the stories of the deceased, such as the famous commander of the Pandurs, Franz Trenck, continue to attract attention. The crypt is an unusual testament to the history of the Capuchin order and the people who helped them. However, it also has its own rich history as a place open to the public.