Visitng the tomb

You can explore the tomb independently with printed guides. We have guides in several world languages. All of them are available to download from this website. Also inside the tomb are banners with accompanying texts in English. Please note that photography is only allowed in the tomb after purchasing a permit. This applies to both cameras and mobile phones.

Would you like to visit us in a larger group?

If you would like to visit us as a group please make a reservation if there are 15 or more of you. The tomb has spatial limits, so with a reservation, you can avoid unnecessary waiting for previous visitors to leave. In the worst case, you might not be able to enter the tomb at all. To make a reservation, please contact us through e-mail or call us.

Are you planning to visit the tomb with children?

Please consider whether the tomb tour is suitable for your children. The tomb contains real human remains - mummified bodies that are 300 years old. Please explain to your children in advance what they will see in the tomb. Also, we kindly ask you to show respect for our deceased throughout the entire tour. 

Before visiting the tomb, please read the Visiting Rules

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us.

We look forward to your visit.