Capuchin Brothers

The Capuchins had a very simple burial method, which reflected one of the characteristics of the order's charisma: poverty. The deceased brother, dressed in a religious habit with a cincture and rosary, was placed in an oak coffin with a removable bottom, and after the ceremonies in the church, he was carried down the stairs to the tomb. There, he was laid to rest on bare ground, with only stones or bricks under his head. The coffin was then stored for another burial.

These seventeen brothers died during the period of the first monastery, which stood outside the city walls until 1645, and were buried in the tomb beneath the church there. When the Capuchins completed their second monastery, they transferred the remains of these deceased brothers to the new crypt. This solemn procession took place on February 5, 1656.

List of Capuchin friars who died between 1604 and 1785 and were buried in the tomb or elsewhere in Brno.